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Group Travel

We offer group trips with fixed dates for people who want to share the pleasure of discovering Madagascar with other people. During the 19 days of travel, you could experience countless adventures like:

  • Visit several local projects
  • Visit several national parks
  • Diverse landscapes and people
  • Dream swimming opportunities in the Mozambique Channel.

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Ornithological journey through Madagascar

Discover the world of birds

Bird lovers and ornithologists will find a particularly large playground in Madagascar and will be able to unwind as they please. Nearly 300 different bird species have already been recorded in Madagascar and more than 100 of them have been classified as endemic. If you want to observe birds that are not found anywhere else on this planet, Madagascar is the ideal place for you.
This trip is for anyone who wants to take an unforgettable look at Madagascar’s bird world.

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Family trip

An unforgettable experience

Many nature-loving parents dream of a trip to the tropics, but imagine that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, with children. When planning a trip to Madagascar, you can put these fears aside. With good planning and organization, a stay in Madagascar can also be an absolutely unique experi-ence with children.

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