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Tourism in Madagascar is still in its infancy and is currently developing very slowly. Currently, about 20 percent of the Malagasy population is employed in the tourism sector. For this very poor country, which depends mainly on agriculture as an important source of income, this is a considerable proportion. If the government and the population agree, tourism in Madagascar should be considerably developed in the future.
Tourism in Madagascar could become a hope for a sustainable source of income. The travel possibilities offer an incredible variety of landscapes and holiday possibilities. Few of them are currently accessible to visitors who want to visit this fascinating country. This is partly due to the limited possibilities for the paved road network, the huge distances and the limited and expensive international air links. Since the early 1980s, developing countries, as well as Madagascar, have increased their participation in international tourism, with a clear predominance of French travellers. It is undeniable that tourism offers new opportunities for development and job creation in poor regions and structurally weak countries. In some forms, tourism can be an important centre of growth for many developing countries.
Travelling in a country and discovering other cultures encourages the participation of the local population in the different phases of the tourism project. The result is a more equitable distribution of resources. 2008 was considered a very good year for tourism. According to official statistics, Madagascar had nearly 300,000 tourists at the time. A year later, however, the political crisis arrived, which had devastating consequences for the development of this sector. In concrete terms, this means that there were far fewer visitors before and after the crisis on the fourth largest island in the world than on the neighbouring relatively “tiny” island of Mauritius. Many nature conservation groups and projects also assume that the various tasks to be carried out in these areas would be much easier to implement if more money were to enter Madagascar’s coffers due to the increase in the number of tourists. The following overview is intended to give an impression of the particularities of Madagascar as a tourist destination. In addition, it is worth highlighting the various problems that have prevented the tourism industry in Madagascar from flourishing in recent years and that still affect it today.

The long distances

Madagascar is more than 550,000 square kilometres in size and is the fourth largest island in the world. Many parts of the island have not yet been developed in terms of traffic. Asphalt roads or roads accessible by car are therefore rare. This is a real problem, especially because of the long distances. Weather influences also play an important role: after heavy rains, the few roads are sometimes impassable and tourists can be blocked in the same place. A complete travel plan, which is best carried out by experienced local people, can provide relief in this case. That is why we take the greatest care in planning our nature and discovery stays. We adapt to the traditional rainy seasons and we always have an alternative plan in hand in case of unforeseen events. Our site offers you many possibilities to find out about our travel packages. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you and the planning and logistics will always be personally adapted by us to the wishes and expectations of our guests.

Unfavourable accessibility

Due to the colonization of Madagascar by the French, a strong concentration on French tourists has developed on the island. For a long time, the French were the only ones to visit Madagascar. In the meantime, things have changed a little, because English, German and even Asian tourists are also coming to the red island more and more often. Nevertheless, it can be understood as an obvious gap that the direct air links between these countries and Madagascar are still a dream destination. So far, there are mainly air links from Europe that start in France. This can be considered as an additional reason for the fact that many people interested in holidays prefer other island states or islands as destinations.

No luxury holidays in Madagascar

Many people who travel to neighbouring Mauritius, for example, aspire to a luxury holiday in a class of their own: miles of sandy beaches, all-inclusive packages and many other attractions await tourists there. In Madagascar, things seem a little different: There are no luxury hotels on every street corner and those who travel to Madagascar are looking for adventure rather than well-being and a relaxing holiday. Many individual tourists who travel in small groups like to come to Madagascar. Mass tourism had never before developed in Madagascar and there is therefore still the possibility to explore individually the different national parks and nature reserves and thus to experience the multiplicity of unique experiences. Those travelling to Madagascar must be able to do without luxury and be flexible. Many homes are not luxurious and often do not meet European standards. Local conditions, which may vary from one region to another, must be accepted and it may happen that suddenly it does not go as planned. As a result, Madagascar is not yet ready for what is called mass tourism and packages. However, some areas have some luxurious hotel complexes such as Nosy Be Island. In addition, the island attracts with its breathtaking sandy beaches. After all, Madagascar offers such a rich flora and fauna that all nature lovers will be amazed.

Future prospects for tourism in Madagascar

Tourism in Madagascar should be developed more strongly in the future, or the offer should be better known. Especially in English and German-speaking countries, many people have already heard about the extraordinary island of Madagascar, but there are no attractive travel offers. For the island’s inhabitants, however, an expansion of tourism would be very important, as it would lift a large part of the population out of poverty. In addition, more money could be invested in nature conservation in Madagascar. Many advertising measures in Germany but also in the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland aim to guide tourists from these countries to Madagascar. But for these developments to have a real impact, it is important that a lot of money be invested in these areas in Madagascar itself. We have made it our duty to bring the beauties of this impressive island to the attention of people in German-speaking, Russian and Asian countries. With our various travel packages, we address the different interests of potential tourists. From culture to history to nature – everything is possible and we are happy to talk to you about your wishes for a holiday in Madagascar.