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Car rental with

driver in Madagascar

Every trip to Madagascar depends on the success of the logistics. As a developing country, Madagascar has all these typical phenomena that make travel more difficult than in other parts of the world. It is not just about roads and tracks that are often very bad, and that also change direction from year to year in some regions. Similarly, appropriate signage and assistance for travellers is almost always sought in vain.


Who does not necessarily want to travel with the typical collective taxis, the “Taxi-Brousse”, through the country, which does not go without risk and stress, which will hardly come around renting a car!

There are always people interested in Madagascar who want to rent a car to drive themselves. Their experiences in countries like Namibia, South Africa or elsewhere lead them to the crazy opinion that you can also reach your destination in Madagascar as a motorist. Since in most cases an all-wheel drive car is necessary and these people have a good command of the often difficult handling of these vehicles, it is obvious that individual driving with the rental car is an attractive alternative.

We strongly recommend that you rent a car with a driver for several reasons!


Although the driver can help you with hotel reservations and general logistics, it is not a tour guide who takes care of the complete planning and logistics of a trip.

On the one hand, a driver’s local knowledge and language skills are almost irreplaceable. It is especially in remote areas that we get lost very quickly and find ourselves in serious difficulties. No GPS is useful, especially since there are no exact and detailed maps!

On the other hand, the rule is that roads are also used by herds of cattle. People, poultry, dogs and other inhabitants of the red island often appear on the alley in the localities or also outside. The risk of accidents is much higher than in Europe!

It is almost normal to drive a dead chicken or dog on the road – that’s why you don’t even stop. Accidents with personal participation are more problematic: there is no liability insurance in our sense. As a white tourist in such a case, you quickly find yourself in enormous difficulties. This can mean prison and huge costs!

In addition, there are the many roadside checks of people in uniform, who often simply want to “cash out”, because there is allegedly something wrong with the vehicle papers. It’s boring and it costs time and money, if you don’t know exactly!

And finally, it is always necessary to expect a breakdown or simply impassable routes. Without a driver who orders help and spare parts via his mobile phone, you’re practically screwed!

It is not for nothing that almost no one in Madagascar rents a car without a driver. The few agencies that were on the market in the past with this difficult business model learned from painful experiences and no longer do so today.

The costs for the driver are extremely moderate and are not significant in the total price – they are included in the rental price anyway. We only employ reliable and competent drivers who know the country and its people and who are fluent in at least one of the foreign languages spoken by our customers. A German-speaking tour guide can participate in the trip for an additional fee.

The technical condition of our vehicles is a point that is particularly close to our hearts.

Comfort and safety are essential elements for a successful trip. That’s why our vehicles are intensively maintained and maintained – but our drivers don’t wash cars every day, as do the drivers of the countless rusty leaves, who are on the road in the country and bring travellers worse than well to their destination (or not).


We select the type of vehicle and driver that suits you and ensure that you travel safely across the country.


The prices below are valid for paved roads and easy slopes, for more demanding circuits, the price is calculated on an individual basis.


Car Place Prices per day
  off-road cars
Toyota Land Cruiser 4 90 €
Nissan Patrol Y 61 4 to 6 90 €
Toyota Land Cruiser II 4 90 €
Hyundai Starex 6 90 €
Mercedes Sprinter 14 to 18 110 €
Bus Hyundai or Toyota 18 to 21 140 €


Conditions for car rental in Madagascar

The corresponding vehicle is rented in Antananarivo or exceptionally in Antsirabe. The driver is at your disposal from 6 am until about 7 pm. The car cannot be used at night except in emergencies. Fuel costs are not included in the price. The kilometres are unlimited.

Expenses for the driver
All costs for the driver (food and accommodation) are included in the price.

The fuel costs are paid by the tenant. The car starts the tour with a full tank of fuel and will be refilled by the renter at the end of the tour.

Return of vehicles
All vehicles must return to their starting point. The outward and return journeys of the vehicles are calculated as follows: Antsirabe or Fianarantsoa to Antananarivo (one day), Tuléar to Antananarivo (2 days), Tamatave to Antananarivo (1 day), Morondava to Antananarivo (2 days), Fort Dauphin or Diego Suarez to Antananarivo (3 days). The fuel costs for the return journey are paid in full by the tenant.

Solutions in case of breakdowns
Although we attach great importance to as good as new or at least perfect vehicles, breakdowns are always possible with the road conditions. A replacement vehicle will be provided and sent to the zone where the breakdown occurred in the best possible time. The corresponding days on which the guests have to wait for the replacement vehicle will not be charged.

A deposit of 30% of the total price is due after the firm reservation.

The final invoice must be paid in full before the start of the tour.

The basic prices indicated are calculated only for the tarred roads. In the case of pistes, there are surcharges according to the degree of difficulty, which are calculated individually during travel planning.